with the world-renowned expert Marina Larskaya

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international expert

  • 8 years in the lash industry

  • 3 University degrees

  • International expert, who has visited more than 25 countries all over the world

  • Author of the ombré&makeup lash extension techniques

  • Author of multistage training programs for lash extension for beginners and experienced stylists

  • Active speaker and judge for more than 50 professional events

  • Founder of Russian Queen Lashes products and international academy

  • NALA award nominee in "Mentorship" category (Canada, 2018)

  • Nominee for TOP-50 world's educators by Artistic Fur (UK, 2019)

  • A winner of the business award at LASH BEAUTY AWARDS (Russia, 2014)

  • Published author in severa; professional magazines all over the world: LASHLETTER (Germany), CilMag (France), LASHSTYLIST (Netherlands), LASHS! (Mexico), Lash-Ed (UK)

  • Multi-lingual speaker (English, Russian)

Russian Queen Lashes
brand founder and owner

How our courses can help you?

Creating a great lash artist means to utilize the experience of highly-skilled professionals and industry leaders. Learning from a worldly-renowed expert will elevate your career to a new level. And using the modern technology will give you an impression of a real presence.
Online training is web-based so you can log in from anywhere. Downloadable online notes, online support, training videos that can be replayed help lash stylists learn better and faster. You have a 24/7 access to all training materials and can study anytime you want!
Easy On The Pockets
With all these physical copies of books, renting a space, international travels traditional courses performed by an international trainer demand a very high price. In comparison to this, online courses are extremely cost-effective and can be utilized efficiently.
Upskill your lashing game with the ongoing support of your trainer and fellow lash artists. Being a lash srtist is not a lonely professions, when we unite and support one another we become not only more successful but happier people!
International experience
Your international knowledge is literally at your fingertips. Learning from a person who is constantly communicating with lash artists from all over the world gives you an absolutely new perspective on how you approach your career!
Even if you're already certified in classic and volume lash extension application, each additional certificate from an additional training shows your clients that you are eager to constantly grow!

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