online course on creating fans and choosing the correct tweezers
 for volume extension for lash stylists by Marina L
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8 fan-forming techniques for both hand-making and working from the lash strip
What types of effects you can achieve with different types of fans?
What should an ideal fan look like?
Where to grab the fan when picking up?
What to do if while picking up a fan from lash strip its legs suddenly disconnect?
What to do if fans collapse while attaching them to the eyelash?
How to choose the right tweezers for volume extension?
How to hold a tweezer correctly?


Why is this online class required for all lash artists who want to have lots of clients?
Reason №1
You will increase the speed of the extension by studying a new faster technique or using the features presented in the class. You will reduce the time of the procedure and make your clients happy.
Reason №2
You will reduce the consumption of materials by studying the method of a non-ideal fan "correcting". So your income will grow!
Reason №3
You will study to create different effects by forming different types of fans. Due to this you will stand out from the other artists in your town and attract lots of clients through your skills.
international expert

  • 8 years in the lash industry

  • 3 University degrees

  • International expert, who has visited more than 25 countries all over the world

  • Author of the ombré&makeup lash extension techniques

  • Author of multistage training programs for lash extension for beginners and experienced stylists

  • Active speaker and judge for more than 50 professional events

  • Founder of Russian Queen Lashes products and international academy

  • NALA award nominee in "Mentorship" category (Canada, 2018)

  • Nominee for TOP-50 world's educators by Artistic Fur (UK, 2019)

  • A winner of the business award at LASH BEAUTY AWARDS (Russia, 2014)

  • Published author in severa; professional magazines all over the world: LASHLETTER (Germany), CilMag (France), LASHSTYLIST (Netherlands), LASHS! (Mexico), Lash-Ed (UK)

  • Multi-lingual speaker (English, Russian)
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