Анкета на позицию


(product manager)

Уважаемый коллега! Прежде, чем вы перейдете к заполнению анкеты, предлагаю вам посмотреть видео, которое даст вам понимание о нашем проекте, его целях, задачах и ценностях.
ВАЖНО: крайне редко, но случается, особенно когда вы заполняете анкету с телефона или находитесь под нестабильным интернет-соединением, при отправке данных из анкеты может произойти сбой. Настоятельно рекомендуем вам все развернутые ответы дополнительно сохранить в локально у себя в заметках.

Так как вакансия подразумевает свободное владение английским языком, то мы просим вас заполнить анкету на английском.
Username or phone number in Telegram
Your IG account
Link to your resume
Tell us more about your favorite project(s) that you've been working on. Numbers are great, but even more we want to learn more about your approach. Exactly what did you do? What were your KPIs?What were you proud of the most?
What apps and/or services do you use for work?
Do you do custdev? Please tell us more exactly how do you do it.
What level of English do you currently have?
What kind of English do you speak?
Have you ever been to
When and how did you learn English? Do you use it now in your daily life?
What ER should an IG account with 5k followers have? To be considered a good candidate for a collaboration
How well do you know FB business manager? What are the main steps to grant an access for an advertising specialist? And for a SMM specialist? What assets you should assign them with?
What are the main criteria of a successful ad campaign?
Give 2 different examples of sales funnels for a luxury brand of sunglasses that can be implemented on IG.
What is the maximum discount that a luxury jewelry brand can offer their clients?
How do like this example of a lead magnet for a cosmetologist? You have to copy/paste the link to view it: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/PaFVYwcNxKbELA
Take a look at a screenshot of a cleaning companys account. What mistakes do you see (if there are any)? You have to copy/paste the link to view it: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/2nAjw3oslsjDug
What is your main education? What and whose classes did you take on top of that? Provide the links please
What was your most expensive professional class/training and how much did it cost?
Who is the best marketing/sales specialist that you follow on IG? Provide the links
What bloggers (of any kind) do you also follow?
Have you been working with such digital marketing channels like YouTube? Pinterest? TikTok? Email campaigns?
What do you like the most in your profession?
What is your expected monthly salary?
What was bugging you in your previous job(s)?
What are your strongest suits?
What would you like to improve in your personality?
What is your definition of the word "responsibility"?
Give an example of your most responsible actions in life?
Are you a curious person? Give an example to illustrate that
What about your attention to details? Provide an example
What is the most comfortable emotional state for you?
What is your definition of a long-term cooperation?
Where do you see yourself after 3 years working with us?
How would you respond to a harsh, non-constructive criticism?
Why are you better than the others?
Have you ever crossed a road on a red light?
Is there anything else we should know about you?